Dr. Farooq Ahmad Rana

Dr. Farooq Ahmad Rana 




Dr. Farooq has a vast experience in managing variety of surgical conditions involving Benign and malignant Upper and lower GI tract pathologies, endocrinological disorders, breast and thyroid pathologies, head and neck disorders and vascular anomalies. He is expert in performing advanced laparoscopic procedures. Prof. Dr. Farooq did his fellowship in bariatric surgery from Belgium and is running Bariatric clinic in  Jinnah Hospital Lahore offering a variety of laparoscopic bariatric procedures including sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass. Currently, 21 residents are being trained under supervision of Prof. Dr. Farooq Rana. He is one of the leading general and laparoscopic surgeons of Lahore.

Surgical unit II is part of four units surgical floor of Jinnah Hospital Lahore managing  patients with wide range of surgical problems including benign and malignant pathologies. We, at department, continuously strive to improve  patient’s health care practicing evidence based medicine  and ensure availability of best possible care. Follow up patients are welcomed in ward for any problem that they might have at any time of the day. Surgical unit II is recognized by CPSP for FCPS training and UHS for MS training programmes. Surgical unit II is the top most prioritized unit by newly inducted residents in year 2020.We focus not only on academics and skills but also on capacity building of residents in research to match international standards.

  • Surgical Unit II is a 40 bedded unit providing emergency, indoor and outdoor services. We excel in vast variety of procedures involving:
    • Open and laparoscopic hernia repair
    • Upper and lower GL malignancies
    • Breast pathologies
    • Thyroid, Parathyroid and adrenal surgery
    • Advance laparoscopic procedure
    • Bariatric procedures
    • Vascular anomalies including varicose vein surgery
    • Perianal pathologies
  • Patients are thoroughly examined, properly counselled and informed decisions are made regarding their managements. Random feedbacks are obtained and any complaint is sorted as early as possible.
  • Post graduate cell and free internet services provide favourable environment for learning and research purposes.
  • Arrangement of laparoscopic simulators and hands on workshops aim to improve skills of residents in basic and advanced laparoscopy.
  • Regular feed backs are obtained from residents and house officers to improve their training programmes.
  • Regular conduction of MDTs in collaboration with radiology and oncology departments helps in application of latest guidelines as well as best possible management of complicated cases.

Dr. Tariq Iqbal
FCPS (G.surgery)
Associate professor

Dr. M. Aslam
Assistant Professor

Dr. Arif Pervaiz
Assistant Professor

Dr. Hira Liaqat
Senior registrar

Dr. Pir Muneeb
Senior registrar

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