Dr. Tahseen Riaz

Dr. Tahseen Riaz

M.B.B.S., FCPS (Orthopaedic Surgery)



Dr. Tahseen Riaz is the Professor and Head of the Department of Orthopaedics Surgery (Unit I) right here at Jinnah Hospital, Lahore. Years of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching experience in up-to-date Orthopaedic Surgery makes Prof. Dr. Tehseen Riaz a privilege for the institution and the students alike. Moreover, he is also an Examiner and Convener of FCPS and MS Orthopaedic Surgery examinations. He has got multiple publications in national and international medical journals. He also hosted and delivered guest lectures in multiple Orthopaedic preparatory and review courses. He has trained scores of FCPS Orthopaedic surgeons and is currently supervising 12 FCPS and 7 MS trainees in Orthopaedic surgery. All that has been achieved till now was possible due the wise leadership of worthy Professor Dr. Tehseen Riaz. With his great vision and leadership, the department of Orthopaedic Surgery (Unit I) hopes to become the model specialized orthopaedic center of the country.

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Unit I, Jinnah Hospital, Lahore is a 50-bedded teaching department entirely equipped to provide the very best orthopaedic care to its patients in a warm and supportive environment. It caters the needs of a large number of patients suffering from bone and joint diseases, utilizing latest knowledge and technology. This unit has developed a state of the art Modular theatre complex consisting of 4 theatres, each with laminar airflow and fully equipped with all the gadgets necessary to perform complex Reconstructive surgeries, Spine surgery, Arthroscopic and Joint replacement surgeries. The department has also fostered an exceptional OPD department complex, the likes of which are not found in any other government orthopaedic center. This facility is spacious enough to accommodate a massive number of patients of all the specialties of Orthopaedic surgery comfortably and efficiently with counter number generating system, CCTV cameras, waiting areas and skilled receptionist.

We have also developed a state of the art indoor facility with temperate controlled environment, executive offices for doctors and nurses, CCTV cameras, segregated general wards for male and female patients, one distinct ward for Joint replacement surgery patients and a fully equipped digital library to store our entire patient’s data in a systematic way. Additionally, we are currently working on building one fully equipped purpose built 10-bedded ICU for our post-operative patients. We are a group of proud and passionate professionals who love their work and strive to get better in every way possible.

  • Our unit is actively engaged in Academic Trauma Orthopedic Surgery, Spine surgery, Arthroscopy & Reconstructive surgery, Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery and Arthroplasty (HIP and KNEE replacement surgery), providing best possible orthopedic care to indoor, outdoor, emergency trauma patients 24/7.
  • This unit is the major trauma care center in the area dealing with the complex trauma cases referred from all over Punjab and periphery on daily basis. Furthermore, our OPD is one of the busiest OPD of the hospital providing healthcare to more than 50,000 patients annually.
  • This department is recognized for FCPS and MS Orthopedic Surgery training and is offering paramount training for both FCPS and MS residents by conducting daily morning trauma meetings, ward rounds, weekly case presentations, fortnightly journal club meetings and mortality meetings.

Dr. Sohail Razzaq Awan
M.B.B.S., FCPS (Ortho)
Associate Professor

Dr. Amir Sohail
M.B.B.S., FCPS (Ortho)
Assistant Professor

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