Dr Khalid Mahmud Khan

Dr Khalid Mahmud Khan

FCPS (Pakistan), MRCP (Ireland)



Dr Khalid Mahmud Khan consultant Physician & Gastroenterologist currently working as professor of medicine and Head of Department Medical unit -3 Jinnah Hospital/ Allama Iqbal medical college , Lahore. He trained at Services Hospital Lahore under supervision of great legend prof S Husnain syed and did his Fellowship in internal medicine (FCPS) in March 2002 and then MRCP from RCPI in November 2002. He has  served at premier institutions, including King Edward Medical University, Fatima Jinnah Medical University and services institute of medical sciences.He also has worked at Sahiwal medical college and Khawaja Muhammad Safdar Medical college, Sialkot. Having clinical experience of more than 25 years in the field of medicine and Gastroenterology and having more than 25 publications and review articles in international and national journals. Prevention  is better than cure. This is where we all need to focus in this day and age. This part has been ignored in Pakistan so far. This is the way forward in the world now.

Medical Unit III is the only Internal Medicine unit on the medical floor which works in collaboration with highly specialized gastroenterology / hepatology Ward. As we are in the era of medical specialties, the department works in harmony with other medical specialties on medical floor e.g. pulmonology, cardiology, nephrology, endocrinology and other fields of medicines like surgery and gynaecology. We, therefore, diagnose and treat all medical illness in consultation with other specialties when the need arises.

This department is recognized by the College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan for training in internal medicine and gastroenterology. In addition, the department is recognized for training of MD program in internal medicine by University of Health Sciences and CPSP. House-officers have 3 months compulsory rotation in our department as part of one-year core-residency program. Clinical meetings, mortality meetings and journal club are held on regular basis with separate classes for house officers. Students of MBBS, during their three years of clinical teaching, have a separate dedicated clinical teaching/training schedule. Lecture teaching in college is also scheduled in collaboration with specialties.

  • Our unit runs out-patient services twice weekly and emergency services for 42 hours a week while seeing more than 1500 patients per month. We accept all the patients pertaining to every specialty of medicine through emergency.
  • Our dedicated team runs these emergency services and have seen 85645 patients in 2019. This team is led all the time by a team leader who is a senior registrar and has fellowship degree in medicine.
  • A consultant is always on call for emergency services. Outpatient services are run by a similar team now led by a consultant. Hepatitis Clinic is also supervised by our committed team and we are seeing about 200-250 patients per day. Clinical consults of about 8-10 patients from various departments are also being assessed routinely.
  • The GI Endoscopy services are centralized in Jinnah Hospital Lahore and are looked after by Medical Unit III. Total area of endoscopy suite is 4000 sq. feet. The workload on GI & Endoscopy services is enormous. Our devoted endoscopy department is performing around 80-100 Upper GI endoscopy, 25-30 colonoscopies, along with highly specialized procedure like 8-10 ERCP, endoscopic dilatation and band ligations are routinely performed.

Dr Muhammad Aftab
Associate Professor

Dr Muhammad Zaman Khan
FCPS (Medicine)
Assistant Professor

Dr. Attique Abubakar
FCPS (Gastroenterology)
Assistant Professor

Dr. Mehreen Zaman Niazi
FCPS (Gastroenterology)
Assistant Professor

Dr. Imran Farooka
FCPS (Medicine)
Assistant Professor

Dr. Rana Sohail
FCPS (Medicine)
Assistant Professor

Senior Registrars:

  • Zeeshan Akhtar Wali
  • Javed Iqbal Aheer
  • Talha Khalid
  • Tashia Malik
  • Babar Abbas
  • Muzammil Aslam Kataria
  • Rana Arif
  • Zeeshan Akhter Wali
  • Dr Tahir Khawaja
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