Dr. Sadia Amir

Dr. Sadia Amir 

M.B.B.S., M.Phil (Biochemistry)



Prof.Dr.Sadia Amir is serving as the Head of the Department of Biochemistry at Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore since November, 2018. She is tirelessly paying her duties in the field of pedagogy since 1999 with exceptional expertise in teaching and management. She completed her M.Phil in Biochemistry accomplishing a distinction along with a gold medal in 2004. She worked as  an Assistant Professor in SIMS for 7 years and later served as Associate Professor in Ameer ud Din and Sahiwal Medical College. She is also recruited as an examiner in UHS for both undergraduate and post graduate students. She is concurrently the Director Student Affairs AIMC along with holding the following designations.

The Department of Biochemistry is one of the three basic science departments at Allama Iqbal Medical College. Since the application of biochemistry is so critical to human medication, the department of biochemistry is committed to improve the comprehension of general biochemistry with the clinical co-connection and to address the needs of the courses introduced in medical school. Our underlying rationale is that a true comprehension of maladies must be accomplished by addressing the normal body environment. Biochemistry Department is one the recognized departments of Allama Iqbal Medical College. Under the current administration of Prof. Dr. Sadia Amir, this department is working vigorously for the advancement of education despite restricted staff assets.

  • Department of Biochemistry is actively involved in teaching M.B,B.S, paramedical specialties like MLT, DPT , BSN and Post RN with the cumulative strength of more than 700 and 170 respectively.
  • The department is responsible for conducting lectures and engaging students in objective oriented discussions and tutorials.
  • Encouraging student participation and enhancing their soft skills via regular presentations tasks while enabling them to acquire practical skills via practical Labs. Regular assessments are made via written tests and verbal examinations.

Dr. Zunaira Kanwal

M.B,B.S , M.Phil (Biochemistry)

Assistant Professor

Dr. Roohi Jabbar

M.B,B.S , M.Phil (Biochemistry)


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