• Welcome To Allama Iqbal Medical College

We invite judges from media, NCA, BNU, UCAD, PIFD for judging our events and prize distribution. We also held artists talks in the previous years including a session by Mr. Javaid Iqbal (Cartoonist) and Mr. Saeed Akhtar (Renowned Artist). An interclass baking contest was held this year for the first time. Spelling Bee was started 3 years back and the champion is awarded 10,000 cash and the title “Spelling Bee”. Many organizations and art societies all over the country are collaborating with IFAS and are partners in many projects. Iqbalians have participated in numerous intercollegiate competitions in Punjab over 20 years and have bagged 964 medals, positions, shields and certificates in various art events. Annual trips of the society are arranged each year to walled city Lahore, zoo, museums, and art galleries for recreation, knowledge and art activities. Sitting with the name of “Bethak” is arranged each month in the office of IFAS in Pathology for a creative talk, inviting Iqbalians and guests from the city. It is a healthy activity for brain storming.

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