To search for talent in art.

To polish the skills through guidance and co-ordination.

To exhibit the art work to the people.

To take part in competitions outside college in order to groom the sportsman ship

To think positive and discuss good ideas

To build personality and character through team work, care and sharing


“Every child is an artist and Art gives you wings”



(2000 – 2003)
Prof. Muhammad Jahangir
(2004 – 2013)
Prof. Shahida Khawaja
(2014 – 2018)
Prof. Muhammad Tayyab
Prof. Ambereen Anwar
Prof. Ameena Ashraf

Dr. Muhammad Imran

Dr. Kashif Mehmood

Haseebullah Waqar

Jamil Hussain

Past History (Summary)

Started with a small painting exhibition and have grown to annual art gala exhibition over the years encompassing various aspects of art. Annual art gala is an interclass art contests in which we have competitions in painting, calligraphy, sketching, cartoons, flower arrangements, digital art and handicrafts each years. Number of participents is increasing each year. This year total art work exhibited in the gala was 538 entries including all categories, by 122 participants from MBBS and allied health sciences.

Apart from interclass art gala, IFAS arrange poster competition each year on a topic defining a particular day (no smoking, no tobacco day, earth day, environment day, peace poster contest, Pakistan day, pollution etc). It started as intercollegiate contest 10 years back and for the last two years it is held as all Punjab poster competition along with All Pak Photo Contest including participants from medical as well as non medical colleges and universities. Few years back we also entered into performing arts. We have staged 18 performances in annual drama night so far including two at Alhamra and winning first position prize in Lahore cultural festival. IFAS has participated regularly in the annual street art festival since 2010. We won first prize in Lahore in 2011 and our students have painted more than 100 walls in Lahore since 2010, depicting culture of Pakistan. IFAS in collaboration with Artistan and Master Paints Ltd organized a Street Art Festival in 2016 and painted 40 walls in AIMC Colony and AIMC lecture theater complex. Artists from Australia, Spain, Turkey, Iran, USA. Ukraine and Russia with the students of AIMC painted the murals. They also painted the biggest portrait of Quaid e Azam in Pakistan on the wall of Jinnah Hospital on the 125th Birthday of the great leader.

We invite judges from media, NCA, BNU, UCAD, PIFD for judging our events and prize distribution. We also held artists talks in the previous years including a session by Mr. Javaid Iqbal (Cartoonist) and Mr. Saeed Akhtar (Renowned Artist). An interclass baking contest was held this year for the first time. Spelling Bee was started 3 years back and the champion is awarded 10,000 cash and the title “Spelling Bee”. Many organizations and art societies all over the country are collaborating with IFAS and are partners in many projects. Iqbalians have participated in numerous intercollegiate competitions in Punjab over 20 years and have bagged 964 medals, positions, shields and certificates in various art events. Annual trips of the society are arranged each year to walled city Lahore, zoo, museums, and art galleries for recreation, knowledge and art activities. Sitting with the name of “Bethak” is arranged each month in the office of IFAS in Pathology for a creative talk, inviting Iqbalians and guests from the city. It is a healthy activity for brain storming.

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